Gun Tiling & Gun Tile Removal Case Study

Gun Tiling has grown into Perth metro’s largest privately owned operated residential tiling and tile removal business. Over the last 8 years, they have grown from a team of 2 to employing over 15 staff members and performing 1000’s of tiling transformations all over Perth. The Gun Tiling group is a multi 7 figure business.

  • Services: Website Design & Development | Website Conversion Rate Optimisation | Google Ads | Local SEO | Organic SEO
  • Timeframe: 5 Years +
  • Statistics: 120+ Qualified Leads Generated Per Month | Growth into Perth’s Largest Tiling Company | 23% Google Ads Conversion Rate | Number 1 Rankings on Local SEO for All Core Keywords | Top 2 Rankings on Google Organically for All Core Keywords


About 6 years ago when we first started working with Greg at Gun Tiling, he had built a local tiling business through word of mouth and referrals and had some jobs coming through. At the time it was him and one team member and they were doing tiling jobs large and small North of the River. Greg wanted to utilise digital marketing to take the business to the next level of revenue and size and had the long term goal of being able to manage the business on the go and leave all the on the tools tiling work to a trusted team. 


Greg wanted to utilise digital marketing to take the business to the next level of revenue and size and had the long term goal of being able to manage the business on the go and leave all the on the tools tiling work to a trusted team. 

Short Term: 

  • To stop relying on word of mouth and referrals and build a source of inbound, qualified leads. 
  • To start doing more high value jobs to grow the business to bring more team members on board. 


Long Term:

  • Build multiple sources of leads from digital marketing to always have a steady stream of high value jobs. 
  • To build long term SEO and digital assets to grow into being the leading tiling and tile removal business in WA. 
  • To grow a team and step out of doing the tiling work as well as supervising the tiling work.


Over the last 5 years we have executed and integrated multiple digital marketing strategies and websites projects to achieve all of the above goals. 

In chronological order, these have included:

  1. A targeted Perth wide Google Ads campaign for tiling and tile removal services as well as conversion rate optimization to the first Gun Tiling website to make it user friendly on desktop and mobile for optimizing the Google Ads performance. This helped build the initial lead generation momentum towards the short term goals.
  2. At this same time, as Greg had a long term mindset for his digital marketing and advertising, we started his organic SEO campaign on his first website with the long term goal of his website ranking at the top of Google for all of his core keywords.
  3. As his business grew and we built some great digital marketing results and momentum, we made the decision to split Gun Tiling and Gun Tile Removal into two separate websites, Google Business Listings, and digital marketing campaigns. This decision was made because tile removal grew into its own category on Google with 100’s of people searching per month and we wanted to dominate it with its own presence.
  4. We kicked off a local SEO campaign via both Google Business Profiles as this fairly recent (back then) product from Google was becoming a major place where users were connecting with local service businesses. By being proactive and getting started early we were able to create a first mover advantage and dominate local SEO.
  5. When both businesses were producing fantastic results through Google Ads, local SEO and organic SEO, we decided to take the brand and conversion to the next level by building a stunning new website for both Gun Tiling and Gun Tile Removal with a brand cohesive look and feel. The new website featured the latest in user experience on desktop and mobile, conversion rate optimisation and core web vitals development standards. We had to perform a seamless SEO migration on the website to ensure that when they went live, both businesses did not lose business by losing their Google rankings. The new websites focused on a premium type of customer that was less price sensitive which has led to a sharp increase in high value projects.
  6. We continue to run their Google Ads, local SEO and organic SEO as well as manage both websites to this day and have built them into the most dominant position in the tiling industry in Perth.


Over the last 5 years, Gun Tiling has grown into Perth’s largest privately owned residential tiling and tile removal company. They have never been short of high quality leads and projects. On search engines, they rank number 1-2 across all their core target keywords on both local rankings and organic rankings. Their Google Ads campaign is reliably producing great results week in week out. Gun Tiling and Gun Tile Removal are winning a majority of their work from high value, high quality customers. 

Greg no longer works on the jobs neither in tiling or supervision and focuses full time on growing the business and achieving their goals.


As Greg’s website is a “high traffic website”, we have kicked off a Facebook remarketing campaign for all website search traffic that doesn’t convert into an enquiry. Users will get creative, well crafted adverts on Facebook and Instagram inviting them back to the website and to work with Gun Tiling. This is designed to keep Gun Tiling completely front of mind for all potential customers for up to 60 days and will holistically build his brand name over time.