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Lift & Shift and Perth Pool Removal Guys Case Study

Lift and Shift Bobcats were an established earthmoving operator running a small and efficient operation in Perth. Kane had one truck, a few bobcats and a handful of contractors to help him across the jobs. He was focusing on a wide range of earthmoving jobs across Perth homes. He approached Aligned Agency with the mission of scaling his business up profitably to get more trucks on the road and build a reliable business that allowed him more flexibility with dedicated staff rather than just relying on subcontractors. Over the last 2 years we have helped him smash those goals, get more trucks on the road, grow his team and build a second income stream that is completely hands off for him by niching down into pool removals.

  • Services: Digital Strategy | Website Design | Landing Page Design | Google Ads | Local SEO | Facebook Remarketing
  • Timeframe: 24 Months
  • Statistics: - 65+ High Value Leads Generated Per Month
    - $40 Cost Per Qualified Lead
    - 180+ 5 Star Google Reviews
    - 21% Google Ads Conversion Rate
    - Several Top 3 Google Local SEO Rankings


Kane was already an established earthmover with a small but efficient business. Being small, everything was reliant on him and he wanted to get the company to the stage where he didn’t have to be on every single job. He had a strong referral network with other trades and was getting good local work from social media and word of mouth. However to take his business to the level where he could hire a team to replace him in parts of the business and build income streams without him, he needed to generate a lot more qualified leads to quote on and close sales at a slightly higher price point to afford to get a team on board. He didn’t have any digital presence outside his FB and Instagram page. This is where we came in.


After meeting with Kane from Lift & Shift and running through our digital strategy process, we created short term and long term goals for the digital marketing efforts to guide us on the path forward. 

Short Term: 

  • To build a professional digital presence that built trust with residential customers and to form a strong base to do further digital marketing from. 
  • To build the company online reputation with local SEO and Google reviews to attract local customers close to home, and increase his price point through a great reputation. 
  • To generate high value new residential earthmoving jobs across the Perth metropolitan area. 


Long Term: To build a second division within the business for a service that he could easily train up his team to do without him that generated a decent price per job. 


Once we defined the goals and created the digital strategy required to achieve them, we executed the following over the next 24 months. 

  1. Initially, we needed to build a strong digital foundation that built his professionalism and online presence to diversify away from just social media. 
    • We built a simple and effective new website for Lift and Shift that communicated their value, professionalism, their difference and position in the market as well as showcased the wide range of work they were capable of doing. We also combined that with a new optimized Google listing and trained Kane on how to maximise 5 star reviews.
    • We then created a large Google Ads campaign across all his services and customised high converting landing pages each and every service to ensure high conversion and sales rates.
    • We ran our Google listing local SEO process on his listing and ranked in top 3 on several earthmoving keywords across Perth!

This combination resulted in a consistent stream of qualified quote requests which increased quickly. Kane took the review generation process seriously and successfully built a leading reputation allowing him to close clients effortlessly which led to rapid business growth and team expansion. Goal number 1 ticked off. 

  1. Now that their initial foundation was built and an effective lead generation and sales closing system was in place, we wanted to start working on the long term goals of building a second service offering that didn’t require Kane and generated some great cash. 
    • After a digital strategy and business consulting session, we discovered that swimming pool removal was his most profitable service that didn’t require him to be on site after the quote was done. There was also a good demand for the service on Google and social media. 
    • We built him an independent digital presence for just his new pool removal business with a website, Google listing, local SEO and Google Ads.
    • In less than 1 year of launching this, he was generating an extra 10 jobs per month at a high price point with a relatively low digital marketing investment and the jobs were happening without him being involved on site which built him a second semi passive income stream into the business. 

Perth Pool Removal Guys continues to grow month on month to this day and currently sits at the top of Google as the best rated and leading pool removal company in Western Australia. 



Over the 24 month period, Lift and Shift as well as Perth Pool Removal Guys grew from a small owner operated business to a much larger, more profitable and capable business that allows Kane to focus on what he enjoys and what brings in the most cash for the least effort. It continues to develop and dominate month on month.


There is further growth potential for the business and we have plans to expand out both businesses into a full website and dominate organic search to take the lead generation and sales to another level. This is currently contingent on Lift & Shifts new equipment and trucks making their way to Australia.