Mindful Homes Case Study

Mindful Homes is a small family owned and operated builder in Perth that focus on custom home builds, renovations, extensions and second storey additions. Their customers absolutely love them and they are a breath of fresh air compared to larger builders and project builders. What sets them apart is their commitment to customer service, high level communication with their clients and their boutique builder attitude where they treat every job like it’s their most important project. 

  • Services: Organic SEO | Local SEO | CRO
  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • Statistics: #1 Rankings On Google My Business For Core Keywords.
    #1 SEO Rankings For Core Keywords.
    Sharp Increase In Renovation & New Build Enquiries.


When Mindful Homes approached us, they already had some momentum and were winning projects through word of mouth because of their fantastic work. They were also running some Google Ads campaigns through Doyle Digital as well as bidding for projects on Hipages and Oneflare. While their online marketing was getting some results, they were inconsistent and Mindful Homes wanted to build an online asset that was valuable and got them long term results. They were advised to do organic SEO to their website and they engaged a very well known large agency for 12 months and got absolutely zero results. Josie from Mindful Homes was referred to Aligned Agency to get some SEO results.


As soon as we were engaged and we went through our comprehensive discovery and strategy process we immediately saw that there were a few issues.

  1. There was no cohesive SEO strategy at all and the previous agency was trying to add content randomly throughout the website without even considering what they were trying to achieve. 
  2. The site structure was a mess and every page was a top level page. 
  3. There was not enough content on the website for any of the pages and the SEO content that was written was of a poor standard. 
  4. The Mindful Homes Google My Business listing had very little presence online and was not ranking for any core keywords and had barely any reputation. 
  5. Their backlink profile was all over the place.

Our team knew they had a solid challenge in front of us to reinvent the way that Mindful Homes was indexed on Google to get some results over the next 12 months. 


The very first thing that we did when we got started was to define a clear strategy and identify a small, core group of keywords that would bring their ideal clients to them and were not super competitive with other building companies. We did this because we wanted a good chance of success online and a lot of keywords were dominated with larger builders with marketing budgets 10x the size! We played a very strategic and quick result driven SEO game to achieve meaningful business growth in the shortest possible time. 

  1. We identified our core target keyword as “boutique builders perth” rather than most builders targeting “home builders perth” and “custom home builders perth” which are a lot more competitive and don’t exactly describe who Mindful Homes are and what they do best. From here, we identified more “off the beaten path” keywords for each of their service pages that would dominate quickly and bring qualified leads in without needing tons of resources and time.
  2. Once this was decided, we swiftly executed a Google My Business local SEO strategy with the new keywords, taught Josie and the team how to generate loads more 5 star reviews and performed technical SEO all of which led to them dominating the Google Business Profile results within 3 short months.
  3. Our web development team worked with our SEO team to restructure their website with a Google friendly URL pathway and re-optimised all their pages for the new target keywords. We also optimised the site for Google core web vitals.
  4. Next, we wrote extremely high quality content for all pages on the website based on their SEO strategy and keyword mapping which quickly built the rankings on core keywords.
  5. Once the site was structured perfectly, had great content, was conversion optimised and lightning fast, we proceeded to build links on relevant websites to the Mindful Homes website which boosted its domain authority.


Within 9-12 months, Mindful Homes was ranking number one on Google both on Google Maps AND organically for “boutique builders perth” and a number of other target keywords. But even more importantly, their site was converting well and they were flooded with high quality, high value new inbound enquiries that were pre-sold due to reading their reviews. This led to them building 12-18 months worth of scheduled work with deposits paid and their business rose from strength to strength.