Moffat Air Conditioning Case Study

Moffat Air Conditioning is a strong and reputable family owned Air Conditioning business. After years of subcontracting to larger companies, Ben Moffat and the team decided to harness their decade of experience and build an independent air conditioning company that was dedicated to helping Perth home and business owners get the perfect air conditioning solutions for their needs without being tied to specific brands and larger companies. We were able to help them grow their client base and profitability by building a strong digital marketing strategy that won high value ideal jobs and also helped them launch their air con maintenance service with a couple of vans on the road.

  • Services: Website Design | Landing Page Optimisation | Google Ads | Local SEO
  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • Statistics: - 350+ High Value Leads
    - Generated 250+ Repair and Maintenance Leads
    - 20+ 5 Star Google Reviews
    - 30% Google Ads Conversion Rate on New Installs
    - 38% Google Ads Conversion Rate on Repairs
    - Several Top 3 Google Local SEO Rankings


While Ben and the team are veterans of the air conditioning industry and they provide a fantastic service, their business was getting all sorts of work from different places. Some subcontracting, some word of mouth and referrals, some big commercial jobs…etc. They also had a very limited digital presence with no consistency, an old dated website and very little online reputation through reviews. 

What they needed was a strong, professional digital presence to set them apart from the tons of competitors in the space that gave the industry a bad name. They also needed a reliable, steady stream of qualified leads in a couple of services that they could do easily for clients and had strong profit margins to improve the financial health of the business.


After meeting with Moffat Electrical & Air and running through our digital strategy process, we created short term and long term goals for the digital marketing efforts to guide us on the path forward. 

Short Term: 

  • To build a professional digital presence that built trust with residential and commercial customers and to form a strong base to do further digital marketing from. 
  • To build the company online reputation with local SEO and Google reviews. 
  • To generate high value new residential ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning jobs across the Perth metropolitan area. 


Long Term: To build a second division within the business for air conditioning repairs and maintenance jobs and get a couple of vans on the road dedicated to this service. 


Once we defined the goals and created the digital strategy required to achieve them, we executed the following over the next 9-12 months. 

  1. Initially, we needed to build a strong digital footprint that set the company apart from the dodgy reputation of the industry. 
    • We built a simple and effective new website for Moffat that communicated their value, their difference and position in the market. We also combined that with a new optimized Google listing that ranked well in their local area and increased local lead flow as well as gave them an opportunity to generate 5 star reviews. 
    • We then created a tight, accurate and highly effective Google Ads campaign and customized high converting landing pages for residential ducted and split system air conditioning leads. 

This combination resulted in an effective stream of qualified quote requests which increased steadily over time. The quality of these inbound leads combined with the strong perception these prospects had of Moffat due to the landing page and digital presence led to a high sales closing rate for several $10k+ jobs, even in winter!

  1. Now that their initial foundation was built and an effective lead generation and sales closing system was in place, we wanted to start working on the long term goals of building a second service offering with them of air conditioning service and repairs to get a dedicated van on the road. 
    • We built another ultra high converting landing page and custom built a new Google Ads campaign just around those specific services for all types of air conditioners and all brands. 
    • We separated the campaigns into 2 parts, residential and commercial to ensure a good spread across the services. 

Over time this, combined with their growing reputation led to 1 van being booked solid full time on the road which diversified their business. This campaign quickly started out performing their first campaign. 


Over the 12 month period, Moffat successfully set themselves up independently of relying on any subcontractor work and other work just to “keep the team busy”. They built a strong base of happy customers that come back for more, and created a high value reliable job stream. 

From the digital marketing perspective their Google ads has been converting at an average rate of 33% which is more than 4 times the industry average in air conditioning and their online reputation continues to grow.


When they decide to scale up their commercial and office building capacity, we will perform further campaigns and accelerate the rate of their business growth.