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Nu Coat Resurfacing Case Study

Nu Coat Resurfacing was an established concrete and flooring resurfacing business in Perth that specialises in bringing surfaces back to life and transforming areas with new exciting looks. They were already a strong business running primarily Facebook ads for their lead generation as well as posting stunning organic content of their jobs that naturally attracted referral work. Mark wanted to take things to the next level online, increase his lead flow and quality and unlock the next level of growth in his business.

  • Services: Website Renovation | Website Design | Google Ads | Local and Organic SEO
  • Timeframe: 18 Months
  • Statistics: - 180+ High Value Leads Per Month
    - 40+ 5 Star Google Reviews
    -Top 3 Google Rankings Across All Services


While Mark was already successfully running Facebook ads that were getting him some good enquiry flow, he wanted to get more qualified leads for his salesperson to close into booked jobs. His biggest issues were that with Facebook, he had to sift through lots of low quality leads that were price shopping and tire kicking to find the good ones. He wanted to have a lead flow for high quality work that was ready to buy.


After meeting with Nu Coat Resurfacing and running through our digital strategy process, we created short term and long term goals for the digital marketing efforts to guide us on the path forward. 

Short Term: 

  • To immediately start generating inbound high quality ready to buy leads for concrete resurfacing using his brand and not from job sites like HiPages. 
  • To match Nu Coat’s reputation on Google and attract new customers just like Mark and the team have done on Facebook. 


Long Term:

  • To build a strong Google presence, position the business as the market leader across the board and build a strong, robust qualified lead generation pipeline that doesn’t just rely on consistently running ads. 



Once we defined the goals and created the digital strategy required to achieve them, we executed the following over the next 12 months. 

  1. We decided to renovate Nu Coat’s website rather than building a new one initially so that we could get it ready for the initial Google Ads campaigns to ensure the website converted clicks into leads. 
  2. Once the website was renovated and ready for the campaign, we launched the Google Ads and optimised it to achieve a strong conversion rate and a very reasonable cost per qualified lead. Mark immediately noticed these leads were MUCH better quality and easy to close. 
  3. We then performed our local SEO process on his Google listing and helped him generate a ton of 5 star reviews which brought even more inbound leads, and allowed him to sell at higher prices because his online reputation was better than anyone else’s.
  4. A few months down the line, we rebuilt his website from the ground up with a very strong SEO foundation to ensure his positioning in the market was premium and high end. 
  5. We then performed organic SEO on the new website to get him ranked in the top 3 across most of his service offerings for every area of the home and every type of resurfacing which increased his website traffic and inbound lead flow yet again.


The results have been absolutely outstanding. His search marketing efforts now bring him on average 180+ leads per month, most of which are high value and ready to buy. He has been able to reduce his Facebook ad spend which was resulting in lower value leads. Nu Coat now also commands better price points because their online reputation is significantly better than any of their competitors and their website positions them as the premium option in the market.


The next steps are to continue creating content and improving their SEO to generate even more traffic as well and revamp their Meta Ads campaigns as they continue to maximise their Google based lead generation.