Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists Case Study

Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists are one of Perth’s leading and fastest growing ceiling repair and replacement companies. Over the last 2 years since starting the business, they have very quickly built a stellar 5-star reputation for quality and service and have grown their business into a 7 figure company. Mick & Amelia used to manage and run a ceiling repair company on behalf of someone else and then started their own company to be the change they wanted to see in the industry. 

  • Services: Website Conversion Rate Optimisation | Google Ads | Local SEO | Facebook Remarketing
  • Timeframe: 24 Months
  • Statistics: 110+ Qualified Leads Generated Per Month
    40+ 5 Star Google Reviews
    37% Google Ads Conversion Rate
    > $15 Cost Per Lead from Google Ads
    Several Top 3 Google Local SEO Rankings


Being veterans of the industry through years of managing businesses in the ceiling repair space owned by someone else, Mick and Amelia knew how to service their clients really well, had built strong reputations and relationships and already had some work from previous contacts. They also knew how to price their services, how to perform the work to a high standard and the ins and outs of the business. 

What they were really lacking was a steady and reliable stream of qualified leads that were ready to buy so that they could build momentum and build a solid long term business. Having been in the industry for a while, they wanted to build for the long term as well as build their momentum in the short term. 

They already had a website built which had the potential to be effective with some conversion rate optimisation work.


After consulting with Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists and running through our digital strategy process, we created short term and long term goals for the digital marketing efforts to guide us on the path forward. 

Short Term: To generate lots of qualified leads to win jobs and start building the business. 

Long Term: To build long term digital asset value, to have the strongest reputation, reviews and Google rankings outside of paid Google Ads and to have multiple forms of lead generation working to build the business.


Once we defined the goals and created the digital strategy required to achieve them, we have executed the following and continue to over time. 

  1. Initially, we needed to create a steady flow of qualified leads quickly at an affordable cost based on the reduced marketing budget new businesses typically have. 
    • We optimised the existing website to convert users into enquiries really efficiently by clearly highlighting the services, value and what sets them apart as soon as users landed on the page. We added strong calls to action, and we optimised the user experience beautifully on desktop and mobile so it was extremely easy to contact them.
    • We then created a tight, accurate and effective Google Ads campaign which ran at 93% efficiency from launch to bring highly targeted and qualified users to the website with very little budget wasted.
  2. This combination resulted in a steady stream of ready to buy quote requests which fell into a rhythm and allowed us to control the level of lead flow by changing their advertising budget when they needed to.

  3. Now that their initial lead flow was happening, we wanted to start working on the long term goals of building a strong reputation and diversifying the lead sources. To achieve this we focused on the local SEO through the Google Business Profile.
    • We commenced and continue to work on local SEO on their Google Business Profile to have their local profile ranking in search results for highly relevant keywords.
    • We created a 5 star review strategy together with Mick and Amelia to ensure that more jobs turned into 5 star reviews to build their reputation, authority and local Google rankings.
  4. Over time this has led to Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists generating around 40% of their leads through local SEO and having one of the best reputations in the ceiling repair industry. 

  5. With their momentum, lead flow and business growth continuing as a result of their Google search based digital marketing, the next goal was to cement their brand in customers eyes by utilising Facebook remarketing.
    • We created a Facebook remarketing campaign with some eye-catching ads and graphics to follow customers for 60 days who have visited their website but not yet converted into a customer. 

This keeps Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists completely front of mind for any potential customer and builds their brand after the point of search to remain memorable to customers.


Over the last 2 years, Perth Ceiling Repair Specialists have grown from a startup business into one of the leading companies in the industry. We have had to turn down the Google ads several times due to them being booked out for weeks and months in advance. 

Their Google ads has been converting at an average rate of 37% which is more than 5 times the industry average in home improvement and their Google presence continues to grow. 

They have built an impressive asset on their Google Business Profile and their ads campaign is reliably producing the perfect amount of leads for them based on their operational capacity.


When they decide to scale up their operational capacity, we will perform an organic SEO campaign on their website to further grow their search based lead generation and accelerate the rate of their business growth.