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Perth Professional Roofing Restoration Case Study

Tim from Perth Professional Roofing had a simple mission. He loved being on the tools and enjoyed his work, but he wanted to build a team around him so he could build his business and increase his revenue and profit while supervising multiple jobs at the same time. Known for his personalised service and 20+ years of roofing experience, he wanted to leverage his reputation and expertise to win bigger jobs with high profit margins and maximise his income

  • Services: Website Design | Google Ads | Local SEO | Organic SEO
  • Timeframe: 18 Months
  • Statistics: - 50+ Qualified Tiled Roof Restoration Enquiries Monthly
    - 26% Google Ads Conversion Rate
    - 100+ 5 Star Reviews Generated
    - Top 3 Rankings on Google Maps for Roof Restoration Keywords
    - Top 3 Google Organic Rankings for Roof Restoration Keywords


Tim was clear with his goals and what he wanted to achieve. However his digital presence and scattered approach to digital marketing was not getting him the outcome that he wanted. He was still too reliant on low value tradie job websites like HiPages and Service Seeking, didn’t have an online reputation that matched the quality of his service and has no reliable way of steadily getting the type of high value roof restoration work he wanted. This is where we stepped in.


As soon as we started working with Tim we quickly diagnosed his main issues: 

  1. While his roof restoration work was exceptional, the value of his leads were low because they were from tradie job sites like HiPages where customers are expecting a lower price and it’s always a race to the bottom.
  2. His word of mouth was strong, but it was leading to tons of small jobs worth a few hundred dollars when he wanted big roof restoration work and nothing else. 
  3. He didn’t have an online presence where the excellence of his work was truly showcased so clients could see his point of difference and his brand was non-existent on Google. 


We got to work right away on building Tim a robust digital presence that would net him the results he truly wanted in his business. 

  1. We built him a brand new, high converting website, but specialised it just to roof restorations so that he became known as the expert in that specific area of roofing. We wrote a ton of valuable content around restorations, and showcased his work in an interactive way. 
  2. We then built him a very effective and specific roof restoration focused Google Ads campaign that started generating qualified leads right away. 
  3. We then commenced a local and organic SEO campaign for just roof restoration focused keywords with a content and backlinks strategy. 
  4. Finally, to maximise the value of his jobs and make sales easier, we trained Tim and his other site supervisor on maximising their 5 star reviews on Google from happy clients so that new leads would be blown away by their reputation and happily choose their business.


In the short term, the Google Ads campaign was consistently generating 10-15 quote enquiries for high value tiled roof restoration per month. As the organic SEO and local SEO built up and the Google Ads were further optimised, his digital presence was generating 40+ tiled roof restoration enquiries per month and Tim and the team were closing multiple jobs a week at high price points. This resulted in a positive loop of more leads, more sales, more reviews and more happy customers. He was able to completely ditch HiPages and Service Seeking, as well as reduce his low value repair work by 90% and only focus on high value, high profit tiled roof restoration work. He currently has 100+ 5 star reviews on Google.