PG Windows Case Study

PG Windows is Perth’s cutting edge double glazed windows and door companies. From their state of the art factory in Landsdale, they custom make European style double glazed windows and doors for Perth homes of all shapes and sizes. They are a new business and have only been around for the last 18 months but they are already Perth’s highest rated in their industry and are growing very quickly. Shivan and Chiraag started the business in 2019 from a passion to build something incredible to help Perth’s homeowners. 

  • Services: Landing Page | Website CRO | Google Ads | Local SEO
  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • Statistics: 330 Enquiries Generated.
    210 From Google Ads.
    120 From Local SEO.
    $1,000,000+ Total Lead Value.
    24% Google Ads Conversion Rate.
    25 Five Star Reviews Generated.


Having previous business experience, Shivan and Chiraag knew what it takes to build a successful company from the ground up. However, neither had done it in the trades and building industry before. They knew the importance of marketing their business but had very little idea as to where to start, what the best channels were and how to put it all together. Like most business owners, they built a website through a friend and didn’t know where to go next. 

Their product and service was fantastic and their drive was clear but they needed to build business momentum by generating highly qualified leads from their ideal customers to be off to the races.


As soon as the Aligned team was engaged and we took the PG Windows team through our discovery and strategy process we got clear on the problems we needed to solve: 

  1. They needed an instant lead source that would deliver them qualified, warm leads for them to close into sales for their new business.
  2. They had a fancy website that was not optimised to sell. In an industry like double glazing where the average sale value can be more than $10k, potential clients will look at all their digital assets to build trust before enquiring.
  3. Being a new business, they had zero online reputation and reviews for their company. This was going to hurt them big time in the sales process as clients do a high level of research before choosing a provider for a higher priced, premium service. They also had very little local search engine visibility outside of their local area and they wanted to service the entire Perth metro region.


As soon as we diagnosed the fairly obvious problems that PG Windows needed to solve quickly we got to work to help them smash all the goals they thought were possible: 

  1. Because their website was not going to cut it, we built them a custom high converting landing page for their digital marketing campaigns that would convert traffic into warm leads and enquiries. The landing page was carefully constructed to build an immense amount of trust and confidence in PG Windows even though they were a newer business.
  2. We built a highly effective Google ads campaign that laser targeted only the highest intent keywords to bring warm visitors to this new landing page. We crafted ads that stood out and got clicked to maximise relevant traffic. The combination of the ads campaign and landing page generated impressive results quickly.
  3. We performed local SEO on their newly established Google My Business listing through our proprietary process that got them ranking on Google maps among their most experienced competitors which opened up a new lead source and credibility tool.
  4. The team guided Shivan and Chiraag through our Google 5 star review process that showed them how to generate great reviews on Google from their happy customers. This led to them generating 25 reviews in their first year in business making them the 3rd highest reviewed double glazing business in WA in a sea of competitors.
  5. We performed our conversion rate optimisation services on their existing website as they didn’t have the budget for a re-build at the time. We did this so that clients landing on their website through local SEO and while doing their due diligence would see a consistent marketing message, experience easy navigation and have a clear path to enquiry.


The results of the campaign and our ongoing work speak for themselves. In their first year of business, PG Windows raced to $1,000,000 in sales! That is incredibly impressive by any standards and we are proud to have played our role in their success. From a technical standpoint, the Google Ads campaign converted at 24% which is 4x the industry standard for high ticket services. With ⅓ of their leads being generated from Local SEO without having to spend money on ads, we were able to build a second lead source for a fraction of the cost. 

A big thank you to Shivan and Chiraag for being fantastic clients, extremely teachable and most importantly, proactive with all the leads we help them generate.