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TV King Perth Case Study

TV King Perth focuses on all things TV in the Perth metro area. They do antenna installs and repairs, TV wall mounting, TV points and just about anything else to help homeowners get clear reception and the best viewing experience. They do new builds as well as existing homes. As a new business, they had some ambitious growth targets in their first year and together with us, they exceeded them. 

  • Services: Landing Page | Website Design | Google Ads | Local SEO | Meta Ads
  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • Statistics: - 500+ Qualified Enquiries Generated
    - Grew from $0 to $30,000/m Revenue
    - 22% Google Ads Conversion Rate
    - 45 Five Star Reviews Generated


While we rarely work with brand new businesses, when Dane came to us hungry to grow his new business, we couldn’t say no. He had previous industry experience and had run a couple of small businesses before and had a great attitude with ambitious growth targets and wanted to invest in his new business to make it successful. 

We took him through our proprietary growth process to maximise his results for a brand new business to achieve profitable growth from his first month and setting his business up for long term success.  

The industry was challenging as it was high competition with really high advertising costs however with the right strategy executed to perfection we were still able to help him dominate in this crowded space.


We rolled things out in a very specific order to ensure that Dane could get profitable growth while reinvesting into his marketing to set things up for the long term.

  1. We built him a series of high converting landing pages for his services and ensured they had a perfect user experience to maximise his leads from the high cost per clicks on Google. We then built out a powerful Google Ads campaign which led to strong lead flow from day one.
  2. We coached him on his sales process in the early stages to ensure he was not missing any leads and taught him how to turn one happy customer into several.
  3. Alongside this. We built him a simple but powerful SEO driven website with an optimised Google Business Profile and ran our local SEO process on there to diversify his traffic due to high cost per clicks. We also taught him how to maximise his reviews.
  4. Once the Google Ads were delivering profit, and the local SEO process was taking place and turning the flywheel, we launched a series of Meta Ads campaigns to target new builds in up and coming areas across Perth where antennas and wall mounting is often required. 
  5. With all of this running, we kept optimising the lot on our end, while Dane effectively sold at good prices and kept getting 5 star reviews and building his reputation.


In his first year of business, Dane has been able to go from literally $0 12 months ago to $30,000 per month as well as hire 2 team members into the business. He continues to grow month on month and his results and reputation keep getting stronger.


The next steps for Dane will be building out a larger website and competing on SEO to maximise Google lead generation while also expanding his meta campaigns. We look forward to seeing what TV King Perth will achieve in the next few years with their expanding team.