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Westcoat Roofing Case Study

Westcoat Roofing is a WA based roofing and guttering business that has been serving Perth homeowners for the past 20 years. Already established with a healthy revenue and strong brand presence, they wanted to take their existing, underperforming digital marketing to the next level to grow their business even more profitably.

  • Services: Landing Page | CRO | Google Ads | Local SEO
  • Timeframe: 9 Months
  • Statistics: - 600+ Enquiries Generated For High Value Jobs
    - 29% Google Ads Conversion Rate
    - $50 Cost Per Qualified Roof Restoration Lead


Simon and the team at Westcoat Roofing had been serving Perth homeowners with their roofing and guttering needs for a couple of decades. They have strong front of house processes and know how to book leads into quotes and quotes into sales. When they came to us, their mission and goal was to maximise their performance across their digital marketing investment to bring in the most amount of high value leads for roof restorations and gutter replacements which were their most profitable jobs.


As soon as the Aligned team was engaged and we took the Westcoat Roofing team through our discovery and strategy process, we got clear on the problems we needed to solve: 

  1. Their Google Ads account was bleeding money on the wrong keywords in the wrong areas, and a lot of their lead flow was for lower value, less profitable roof repair work. Their landing pages had a poor UX and could be significantly improved to increase conversion rates.
  2. Their Google Business Profile had a lot of 5 star reviews however their Local SEO on their Google listing was non existent and we could unlock some serious growth through our process
  3. Their website had a low conversion rate and left a lot on the table in terms of organic web traffic generation.


As soon as we diagnosed the problems that Westcoat were facing we got to work to help them smash all the goals they had set for themselves. 

  1. We rebuilt their Google Ads account from the ground up to focus on just roofing restorations and gutter replacements and we cut all wasted spend from the account. 
  2. We built brand new mobile first landing pages to give users a seamless quote booking experience on mobile phones and desktop computers to increase their conversion rates significantly. 
  3. We performed our Local SEO process on their Google Business Profile and achieved several top 3 rankings for roofing and guttering keywords within a 20km radius of their warehouse and office.


Within the first month, Westcoat noticed a significant improvement in both the volume of quotes as well as the quality and job value of each quote they received. Gone were the days of 35 minute drives to quote a $260 roof repair. These were replaced by high value $10k+ quotes for roof restorations and full gutter replacements all within a 30 minute driving radius. This trend continued on since commencing the campaign leading to 600+ high value quotes generated in a 9 month period, a significant increase in profitable revenue as well as dozens more 5 star reviews and local jobs generated from their Google Business Profile.


About 6 months into the process, we commenced a complete website rebuild and organic SEO foundations project to unlock the next level of growth from search engine marketing. We look forward to getting this live and continuing the growth journey with Westcoat.