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Workhelp Lawyers Case Study

Workhelp Lawyers is a passionate legal firm based in Perth specialising in helping clients who have been unfairly dismissed or treated poorly by their employer seek compensation. They operate from a no-win no-fee model which allows their clients to be able to seek their help regardless of their financial situation, which can often be delicate after a wrongful termination. 

  • Services: Conversion Website Design | Google Ads | Local SEO
  • Timeframe: 6 Months
  • Statistics: 150+ Enquiries.
    $400,000 Enquiry Value With Only $18,000 Spent.
    27% Conversion Rate 8 Five Star Reviews.


Like with most newer businesses their main problem was generating quality enquiries from their target audience. Being a new business owner, Andrea and the team and Workhelp Lawyers built a new website with a web developer and tried running some Google ads to generate enquiries for people looking for her services. 

Having had years of experience, she was amazing at what she did, had a good business model, wanted to help and set herself apart in the marketplace but was struggling to get traction early.


As soon as we started consulting and working with Andrea, we noticed three key problems:

  1. Her website did not communicate her unique differences and what set her apart from her competitors in a meaningful way. It was also laid out very poorly on desktop and mobile which was leading to an extremely low Google ads conversion rate.
  2. The Google ads campaign that she was running with her previous provider was structured very poorly which was leading to over 50% of the clicks to her website being wasteful and not from high quality keywords from people in her direct target market. Over 50% of what she was spending was going to waste. Her ads did not stand out and commanded attention in her marketplace on Google which was leading to less attention on her and more attention on her competitors.
  3. As a new business, she had zero reputation online – and in the sensitive world of law, clients do their due diligence before making decisions on who to choose. When potential clients would do their research on her business, there was no online reputation or reviews which leads to lack of trust which loses enquiries.


During our discovery and strategy process, as soon as we uncovered the problems – the Aligned team knew exactly what we had to do to turn the situation around. 

  1. We completely re-built her a simple one page website that perfectly communicated her unique difference, her offer, and all the reasons in the world why she was the superior choice over competitors. We then “conversion optimised” the website on all devices by making the layout perfect, adding the right strategic calls to actions and making the load speed extremely quick so potential clients had the perfect solution at their fingertips.
  2. Once the website was on point – we built a new Google ads campaign from the ground up, continually focusing on only the right keywords that high quality potential clients were searching for. This, coupled with a highly effective campaign structure and new ads that stood out from the competition and made the choice a no-brainer was a recipe for success. This led to much higher traffic, all of which were qualified potential clients to a new website that was positioned perfectly for these clients.
  3. We performed Google my business local SEO and optimisation to make her online presence established and trustworthy, and coached Andrea and her team on generating positive reviews for her business. The result was a trusted Google listing with 8+ positive reviews which went a long way for her online reputation.


The results from the solutions we provided were no surprise. Within a few short weeks, Andrea and her team had a very healthy stream of new enquiries from highly qualified clients into her law firm. 

Over a 6 month period, she has generated over 150 qualified leads from a total marketing spend of around $15,000. Each lead is conservatively worth $3000 if closed. 

In 6 months she has generated over $400,000 worth of enquiries from a total spend of $15,000 through a conversion optimised website, Google ads strategy and Local SEO.

Client Testimonial:

Look no further than Hursh Dodhia-Shah and his team. I highly recommend  him for all things website and digital marketing. I found Hursh friendly, highly experienced, professional and he works very efficiently. He won’t waste your time. The quality of work produced is excellent – he can really create a professional website. It was literally the most stress-free process working with Hursh – he knows what he is doing! a very safe bet. Results!”